Morning of the swim

I got up fairly early for here – my nerves are on edge I think. I just want it over. 

I went for a walk to find eggs ! It’s hard to know how much they want to eat before such a big swim. They need a fair bit but neither like to eat much before a swim but they will be going for 5 hours or so. I just hope the currents haven’t got worse and they get swept too far along the coast. 

The walk through Tarifa this morning was lovely. It’s quiet and peaceful. Unlike at night. Tarifa is a typical Spanish town that comes to life at night. We haven’t been eating till 9.30 and that’s early by comparison. We see families just arriving when we are on our way back home. I have a feeling that when the swim is done Rob and Jordan will join the partying people. Perhaps not the ones who walk past our window at 1am on their way down into the town. The bars must close around 7 am because we hear them returning  as we’re waking up. There is a lot of singing, calling out Hola Hola! This is the price you pay for staying in the old town, but it’s the best place to be. So alive,  so colourful,  so much fun. 

This is the boat we’ll take off on today. Wish us luck! 

4 thoughts on “Morning of the swim

  1. Hi Fran and Steve,

    Swim well Steve and Rob.We will be willing you along.Hope the currents are kind to you.Amazing swim for you to be doing together with the support team of you Fran,the team manager !!!


    Petrina and Lyn xoxo


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