The Joy of Travel

Arriving  at the airport is a great feeling!

There’s nothing else you can do to get ready. If you’re not ready now…….

I’m certainly feeling relaxed and ready to go. Though I’m not getting into the champagne just yet! I’ll leave that for the plane after Steve says as always as we take off. “Chocks away!”. And so our holiday will begin.

Packing went to plan. All on the ‘packing’ bed till last night. I didn’t add anything and stuck to my packing plans. Everything in 3’s though I only packed 2 bottoms so allowed myself an extra dress. As usual the toiletries and add ons take up space. Oh well I need my hair stuff, creams and assorted ‘stuff’.

Total weight 14.5! And my suitcase is bigger than I’d like – that often leads to overpacking. Resist I say!

We’re in the lounge about to board. Keep reading as the swimming starts on Saturday afternoon!

I’m all layered up,  wearing my trusty cardi over a black maxi with my new Frankie4 shoes. Hope they are as comfortable as everyone says!