Top Swimming with the Italians

Swimming has brought us many friends and now we can add two more.

Carlo Francolini and Guiseipp Montesanti. They turned out to be great guys. Friendly, funny and just the right pace of swimming. Guiseipp was a little faster than Steve – and 15 years younger! Carlo was slower. So they swam together and bonded as you do when you are sharing a goal.


The Captain ran the show in his budgie smugglers, thongs and deep tan. He was assisted by two young lifeguards in a small boat like a rubber duck. There was the Doctor and the  paramedic who arrived by ambulance and boarded the boat looking very professional. Well the Paramedic did, the doctor had cut off jeans and a striped shirt. He was lovely.


Lovely Italian Doctor.

We were a little concerned by all these people. Was it going to be that hard? And then the Coast Guard boat turned up to accompany us all the way!

They got underway around 9! A little later than expected due to two large ships passing through the Strait. They then set a cracking pace and didn’t stop till they reached the other side spot on hour later. Great 3.6km swim and very fast.

A quick break for drinks and a hug and then they set out to cross back. This time the wind and currents made the going tougher and the Captain altered the course. He didn’t really tell them they weren’t aiming for the red tower and they zig zagged a little; but with the change in arrival place I jumped in with just over 1/2 km to go and swam with Carlo – who had a troublesome shoulder. Guiseipp and Steve hit out and finished the total 7.5km in 2 hrs 38 minutes. Strong currents on the way back!

A great effort by all.

Carlo and Steve showing off their swim wear. Carlo has Espana and Steve Australian. Guiseipp takes on the scrum!  
A lovely lunch followed – as you do after a big swim. And new friends made.

Now on the ferry heading back to mainland Italy to spend the night a a lovely beachside place called Scilla.

A little R&R for Steve and a few drinks later.

I asked the Doctor to take some photo of us when i jumped into swim and this is what he took!