And the Awards Go To……

Last night is alway fun. Everyone is relaxed and ready to party.

No more big swims in the morning. Only an optional one. At 8 o’clock!

We gathered at a restaurant named Armonia…… asnd the waitress was gorgeous. She told us her nickname was John Snow from Game of Thrones. Perhaps she heard about our love of nick names.

Then suddenly it was time for a few awards. Colldark made the first award and one that is a swim trek favourite. ‘Best swim wear ‘ and creating great whoops of excitement  it was announced that the lady with the pink pineapple ensemble was the winner! Who? – me!


Runner up was Yannick our ‘Serial Trekker’



Runner Up in the best dressed…..Yannick ‘The SerialTrekker’


The next award  The Tea Wallahs award for the best and most constant tea making.




Sam ‘Tea Wallah’ Robson



Anya ‘Tea Wallah’ Sister of Sam. The Sisters of Tea.

And the final award was for demonstrating the spirit of Swim Trek and guess who won? Stevie or “Bond,the name’s Bond”.



‘Flamingo’ Matt and his beer drinking mate

Everyone received their certificate and we note we swam about 25km these past 6 days.


Sam “Tea Wallah”, Yannick “Serial Trekker”, Michael “The Spirit”, Lucy “FlowerGirl” Catherine “The Little Mermaid”, “Coldark”, Matt “Flamingo”

Back to the Palace we continued our party, until at midnight we finally went to bed.

Last short swim 1km tomorrow.

Fabulous Last Day. And Party Night

The last day of a swim trek is full of expectations. Will Swimtrek deliver whatever it is we think it has promised?

Well, we were about to find out.

Would it be as advertised ‘in the brochure’?

It started well. Everyone was on time for breakfast. Such a well behaved group – even if Lady Mary was a bit hung over due to her birthday celebrations last night. The Spirit polished up pretty well as well. Seeing as he only drank …… well, Spirits! He doesn’t drink anything else!

 Down to the boat and a cheery greeting from Pietro and Sasha and out we headed. Today we were going out of the two bays that connect Montenegro to the sea. Pietro gave us a little background history of the place and pointed out the submarine shelters from the war. We would be swimming into one later in the day.

We turned left out of the bay into the sea and conditions changed. The water colour was different, the waves a little choppier. Italy was across from us but we couldn’t see it. We were ready to tackle it.

Along the coast we travelled with other boats. A small regatta of craft all headed for the caves. Sadly we couldn’t swim in this one because of the other boats. Why they let boats go in I don’t know. It has spoilt what could be a great experience,  but our trusty guide Coldark promised we could swim in the next cave.

 So we jumped ship – safely of course and headed towards the next cave. Flower Girl took her go-pro and got some great underwater shots . The water here is clear and there are lots of little fish swimming around the rocks. It’s great to see the bottom of the sea after the more cloudy bay waters.

Then it was time for our daily ‘big swim’ so Pietro took us to a calmer spot and away we went for a 2km swim into a beach and out to the boat. For this swim, the timing  between groups was better and we more or less finished together. I’m still orange cap, but without fins would be behind the pinks! So I’m keeping them on.

 Lunch was at a long table on a shady terrace over looking a pebbly beach with a roped off area for swimmers. Perfect. We had a variety of dishes, but no alcohol as we were planning a 3 km swim this afternoon.

 My theory about ice cream is correct. We had some for lunch and swam so well this afternoon.

We passed around the  headland found a calm spot in the bay and swam off past a  ship wreck and along the coast. We passed beach houses and people fishing,  till we came to the first of the submarine shelters. We had swum for about 3km and were so pleased with ourselves.

 Swimming into the bunker was a little scary but we decided it would be a good place for a swim trek dinner and our event planners ‘One Hit Wonder’ and ‘ Tea Wallah’ could stage the whole event. Chandeliers , mood lighting. ……..

The trip back was full of fun and spirits! Literally as Pietro our boat captain produced a bottle of home made Grappa and how could we refuse! So there we were drinking it out of white plastic cups.

Arriving back into Perest was a little sad. It would be the last time we would arrive back by boat. And it was still 4 pm. The town clock is stuck on 4 so it’s always time for a sundowner!

 And we did.  Made our way to our favourite bar by the water and enjoyed beers and Aperol Spritz.

Back for a quick change before our last BIG night out.

Yes, the Last Day did deliver everything we expected. It was probably our best day of the week. Great swimming. Great fun.