Goodbyes are Always Sad…….

A morning swim of about a kilometre finished the swims for the week.

25+ km is pretty good and lots of fun – not to mention healthy. That’s if you don’t count the beer and Aperol it took to rehydrate us after our swims.

Then it was a long bus ride with border checks back to Dubrovnik.

Good-bye to Tracey and Michael  at the airport and then onto Dubrovnik. It was hot and so crowded we decided to go straight to Sam and Anya’s hotel and eat and swim there for the afternoon.

Leaving beautiful Perest has been hard.  Swimtrek always seem to be able to find wonderful quiet places to base the swimmers,  and Perest was perfect. Now we were finding it hard to cope with the tourists!

So we enjoyed the afternoon by a lovely hotel pool and waited for our ferry for Italy. image

So  good-bye Swim Trekkers. We look forward to swapping photos (thanks Lucy for setting us up on What’s App) and maybe catching up further down the track .

image image image




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