A day to explore

We left Alberobella this morning after witnessing the fun run and visited a few nearby villages.


Runners making it in the heat.


A little boy stretches with his dad after the run.

I’m pleased we booked to stay there. Alberobella is a very interesting village  but keep in mind that it is touristy. Arrive late in the afternoon when most the visitors are leaving.

We then stopped in Locorotonda which is another very nice village.

When visiting a church we happened upon a Christening. A little girl named Georgia. She was very good but after awhile got grizzly and cried. So Nonna to the rescue. She came forward out of her seat. Squeezed some drops into a dummy and pushed it in the baby’s mouth. Instant quiet. Sedation works!

Baby Georgia being met at the door to the Church. Before sedation

As we drove we got closer the sea. This is the Golf of Taranto the bit between the point and the heel of Italy’s boot.


A cluster of Trulli


A beautiful park in Locorotonda


Everyone seems to have a small garden outside their door

Arriving in Matera was breath taking.


The Sassi of Matera has been used in many films. Including Jesus …..with Mel Gibson


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