Wine tasting in a French  vineyard. 

Last night we were invited to a wine tasting. Hosted by Shane Fankhauser. 

Yes.  That’s his name and anyone from Adelaide, Australia may remember him. He was an ABC news reader. 

Well these days he has left that world behind and lives just outside Cotignac overlooking a vineyard. He has started to develop tours of the area. Primarily targeting women of a certain age!  That puts them over 50!  But he would take any group willing to pay. 

He has 4 Australian women at present and they are staying at his house. Hence the invitation to a wine tasting. It was hosted by Jeany Cronk. If you saw the video on a previous post you would know that she and husband Stephen  started Mirabeau wines a few years ago. 

It was a very professional tasting and Jeany is charming. The Aussie ladies were good company as were the other few French guests. 

Shane is not quite what I expected ( cool and debonair )  but he was busy cooking us all dinner and was flat out entertaining his tour guests. But his Elvis impression was very good! 

It was a fun night with French and English being swapped around – improving as the wine flowed. 

Mirabeau has some very good Rose and Jeany announced they have just secured a contract with Dan Murphy. So I can recommend it. Look out for it at a Dan Murphy  near you! 

No, we didn’t go into the pool though we were told there would be swimming!  

Late late night. 

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