Let the swim begin

Flying in over Dubovnik was magical,  creating  excitement for the start of our swim trek holiday. 

Waiting for 2 1/2 hrs in Dubovnik wasn’t quite so exciting! We had coffee, read and played ‘I Spy’ trying to spot fellow Swim Trekkers waiting for the transfer. I spotted Tracey from Melbourne  before we made our way to the transfer bus where we met up with Matt and Lucy from near Liverpool and Ellie and her friend Sophie from London. 

The drive to Perest took about 1 1/2 through green treed roads with mountains to the left and as we got close,  the sea and the bay to our right. 

Excitement mounted as we drove around the bay and  guessed which village was Perest. 

Arrival was through a gate as the small village is restricted to local cars to maintain its heritage status. It’s beautiful. This small village lines up along the waterfront looking across the bay to other small settlements. 

Finally after 28 hrs we arrived at Perest Palace our beautiful home for the week. Our fellow Trekkers arrived  – Michael from Germany, Yannick –  Switzerland ,  sisters Anya and Sam from France and England, friends Rosanna  and Catherine from London, friends Ellie, Will and Sophie also from London, couple Matt and Lucy from near Liverpool, experienced trekker Jen from the lakes district and our fellow Aussie Tracey. A great group! 

We met our guides for the week. Coll from Cornwall and John from Newcastle and they look like good fun and ready to take on our mixed group of 16 swimmers. 


the view from our room.


Our room for the week. With glorious views.

Nerves kicked in at the Orientaion talk where we introduced ourselves and talked about our swimming experience. I was not the novice of the group this time ! I didn’t want to relax because it’s well known I have two speeds. Slow and ‘not so slow with fins!’  

Coll allocated our group colour hats according to the 1km time we submitted online. Did we tell the truth about our speed?  Did we over or underestimate our swiftness?  That will be the question. 

I was given orange along with Steve, Lucy and Matt. What! It can’t be. Steve is much faster than I am. And apparently it’s the fast group! I think there’s been an error  – but all shall be revealed at the first swim!  

We headed down to the waters edge down about 50 steps to the most picturesque spot. I love this place already! 

The group were bonding and everyone seems to be ready to get to know each other and have some fun. 

In we went. It was a bit crowed for me and swimming with out fins I quickly dropped to the back of the group and decided to enjoy the swim. Not orange group speed I’m sure! We went for about 300 metres had a chat then  continued on towards our hotel along the shore line. About 800 all up.  Lovely water temperature lovely swimming. 

First night of the week is a  group dinner held in the dining room of our Palace. Our hosts prepared a feast of local foods and kindly catered for the three gluten free eaters. Washed down with local wines the night was a great success and set the tone for what is sure to be a fantastic week. 


breakfast in the dining room with a view.


10 thoughts on “Let the swim begin

  1. Isn’t it just fabulous! Such a beautiful place. So glad you love it already. I can’t wait for each update and especially checking out the photos that bring back such amazing memories for me. Enjoy!


  2. And so it all begins! The place looks beautiful and staying in a palace no less. Good luck to you both I’m sue you will have a Wonderful week.


  3. Wow Fran. Your accomodation looks fabulous! And all dietary needs under control. Can’t wait to hear about the first swim. Have fun my friend! xx


  4. I’m not surprised you found Dubrovnik airport dull.It was pretty aweful 5 yrs ago when Pip & I went there but we loved Dubrovnik, especially after the crowds from the cruise boats left! The water was a good temperature in June for swimming & the days were hot.Perest looks beautiful!


  5. Hi Fran. A palace sounds like a nice place to come home to in the evening. Enjoy your swim, enjoy the food and enjoy the company. And soak in that beautiful view. X


  6. Such a drag staying in a palace for the week!! Montenegro looks just gorgeous.
    Enjoy the swimming and forget the colour of the cap. All the best. xx


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