Coloured Caps around the Island

This quiet little village had one party place last night. Next door to our beautiful Palace Hotel. Lucky I was too tired to worry as the singing and loud music continued until 3 am!
Breakfast at 7.30 sounded early but all the fellow Trekkers were up and ready. It was once again a feast. Far too much to have before swimming.

By 8 we were ready to stroll  through the village along the water front to Pirates Beach with its inviting blue deck chairs and umbrellas. But no lazing for us as it was a short swim of about 1.3 km across the bay to the 2 little islands.


photo opportunity along the foreshore.


Preparation before a swim involves a lot of sun cream, watersafety talk and the dreaded vasoline. Yes we have it rubbed under arms, straps and any areas that could be the victim of chaffing! Oh I do remember Francesco with his call of  ‘Vasolina’ on my first swim trek. Now it’s known as the Coll cry!

Off we went in our little groups. 3 pink swimmers first. Then the bigger yellow caps group and finally the 4 Orange cappers. I was much more confident today with my trusty fins!

Each group is different and this one is as well. No wet suits, I’m the only one in fins and very similar speeds. Steve would be the fastest, but is happy pottering along with me. No ‘swift swimmers’ like the ‘dream team’ from Sardinia.

The little island for our first swim. Note the wonderful yacht

Out and around the two picturesque islands sitting like jewels in the middle of the bay. It was a fun refreshing swim.

Then the videoing of us swimming, for our feedback session later this evening – hopefully with a drink in hand to face ourselves on screen. We all had to swim along and back, in and out to a buoy while  John filmed us on his go-pro. It won’t be a pretty sight looking at my cellulite in the water!

That’s all so far today and we are relaxing back at the Palace before lunch and a 3 km swim this afternoon.

Lunch prepared by our guides Coll and John was a huge hit with our hungry swimmers. Salads meatballs, gluten free pasta, fruit and a touch of ice cream. How far did they say we were swimming this afternoon!

We rested again after eating to make sure we didn’t drown and back down the 90 + steps to the boat. We met our boat captain a very friendly local with good English and a sense of humour to go with it

Our friendly Captai 

The swim trek group bonding on the boat

Gathering on the boat we joked as we puttered along. We found a good spot to jump in and pinks jumped first. Then yellow and finally orange.

We swam along past attractive hotel and apartments for about a kilometre before bad weather got us out of the water.  A bit of thunder and lightening! So back on the boat and we motored along to another part of the bay. Lots of funny comments from the swimmers.

Eventually  back in  the water and off we swam again. This time covering about 2 km. past bathers paddling around, sunbathers, walkers strolling along the waterfront- no doubt all wondering what on earth we were doing 🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊.

It’s been interesting how the group are moving between the three coloured groups. Lucy decided she’d be more comfortable with the yellow caps for the first swim – then husband Matt followed for the second swim! That left Steve and I in the Orange. So for the second swim we swam along with the yellow group as well!  So now it looks like just two groups. The pace is pretty even but a few like RaceyTracey are considering fins!!

I had my first Aperol Spritz this afternoon after the swim. We all stopped at a favourite little bay side bar for a sundowner!

Then to the ‘Palace’ for showers and video analysis by John. He looked at our stroke in slo mo and told us how to improve! I was too busy looking at me swimming in my new swimmers to notice much about my stroke. All the group said it helped and watch out tomorrow as they’ll all be swimming faster!

John actually told me to slow down my stroke and think about it more. Good advice I say.

So going to dinner at a lovely restaurant nearby. And so ends a lovely day.

6 thoughts on “Coloured Caps around the Island

  1. Well all that training has paid off Fran and you are now an orange capper! The water looks very smooth – but perhaps that was before the storm. Love hearing about each day. xx


  2. You are looking way too glamorous Fran !!! Time to get down and dirty Montenegran style !! Looks like magic! Very jealous , luv Bernie ??

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