Lake,River and a Singalong

A big break with routine today. Instead of our boat Orca, we boarded a bus for a two hour journey south to Lake Skader.

Everyone was quiet on the bus – the swimming days (and socialising at night) is taking its toll and making it harder to get going in the morning.

But our Hipermarket stop woke us up and we raided the Lolly, chip and water aisles. ‘Rocky’ aka Steve and the Tea Wallah (Sam) made a quick visit to the pharmacy for drugs. Both have colds 😑. Lady Mary also came to Steve’s rescue with some super strong nose drops.

Back on the bus,  until a photo opportunity high above a gorgeous little jewel called Sveti Stefan. It’s a popular holiday destination and sparkles in the blue water.

Lots of winding roads later we arrived at the Lake Skader and set off in a new boat. Big and well shaded we enjoyed the trip through what looked like mangroves with lily pads until we reached a small island – a former prison. From here we set off for a 2 km trip. It felt different in fresh water and with no salt, not as buoyant as we’re used to.

New boat for the group

It was also rougher, making it harder, but I loved it. The optional 1.3km trip was with the wind and made for a lovely swim. The disappointing thing is the lack of clarity in the water. You can’t see anything much. It’s like swimming in a bubble.

A picnic lunch in a shady  remote restaurant gave us a rest but no ice cream! Colldark ! We swim better with ice cream. The afternoon swim was in the river Moraca and we were prepared for the cold. We’d been told it was cold enough for a wet suit but it wasn’t. Just refreshing. Until we swam into the river debris – floating natural material, a little slimy. Not so pleasant.

At the end of any good day there is a refreshing beer in the lakeside cafe before heading back.

Time passed with us singing karaoke and Jacki Wills ( now known as the Singing Budgie) excelled remembering words of lots of songs, Lady Mary with dance moves whilst seated, Flamingo with his beautiful voice, Pirate John his famous ditties – but ‘One Hit Wonder’ failed to deliver! A storm with lots of rain gave inspiration for song selection, and finally we arrived back.

Pizza night in house with red wine and our t-shirt distribution. A memento from our trek.

Another beautiful day and fun night. We’re looking forward to our last big day tomorrow – visiting the Adriatic Sea which will be windier and not as still as the bay.

One thought on “Lake,River and a Singalong

  1. Oh no, t is coming to an end. I warned you about the river! We also saw a water snake just before getting in, which caused some issues when running into the debris… Can’t wait to catch up on your return and talk further about the trip. Enjoy.


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