Happy Endings

imageWe all love a day with a Happy Ending – and today was no exception.

It started well with pancakes for breakfast (and there were some very creative toppings) and continued on throughout the day.

Before leaving we had a ‘do it yourself’ lunch, where everyone made their own wrap. Some became every creative and I’m sure there will be a competition for the best wrap at lunchtime! The Gluten Free eaters are well looked after as well and put together a very good salad

We motored along the bay and found a good spot to start our first crossing.Pinks in first led by the Little Mermaid and off they bobbed.

Next the combined yellows and orange. Steve is leading with Lady Mary and Serial Trekker and I swam along with Jackie Wills ( now know as the Singing Budgie) keeping arm by arm. It’s wonderful to swim along comfortably and not feel pressured. I’m still in fins but that doesn’t bother me. I love being able to swim and know I’ll finish easily.IMG_1425

We stopped at a small settlement with a church perched high in the hill behind it. Pietro even provided an outdoor shower. Delicious!

Eleven swimmers became walkers and set off for the church. A few of us stayed behind for coffee and spent some time fitting nicknames for all the Trekkers.

If you are reading this swimmers, only you know who you are and HOW you got your nick name!!

By the time the walkers returned it was hot, hot, hot – so in they went for a swim and started a synchronised swimming session. We are thinking of asking SwimTrek to include Synchronised swimming as one of its activities. So much fun. They are almost Olympic standard.

Our second crossing was planned and this time we would be crossing back over the Bay of Kotor and finishing at a beach bar! Now that’s a great incentive to swim straight and fast.

It was about 2 km back over and we all made it in good time. The people relaxing on the beach looked somewhat surprised to see us swim in and walk out of the water to the showers followed quickly by a trip to the bar.  These bay-side bars are very popular here and with good reason.

We enjoyed a few beers, and boy do they taste great after a long swim. Sometimes we even have 2!

Back to the Orca and heading for home with Racey Tracey  dancing up a storm before we noticed one of the Duckies had broken loose! A quick turn around and our very sober guide ‘Colldark’ rescued it to a chorus of cheering from the swimmers.

After much needed showers we had another group dinner and farewelled Jen.  You’ll be missed Jen – especially Racey as she’ll miss her morning cup of tea .And so ends another day.




One thought on “Happy Endings

  1. That trek up the hill certainly was a challenge. When I went we all decided that we were better swimmers than hikers!! Far too much huffing and puffing. But what a view. Really enjoying following the trip and bringing back awesome memories.


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